How to use


It will take you a few seconds to start using D'slippa® if you follow these instructions. Steps 2 and 3 may need adjustments (see tips below) to ensure proper functionality.


You can also use these videos to help you visualize it:

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You may need to adjust your D'Slippa® bookmark depending on your book, or the specific use you want to give to your bookmark. Please see steps 2 and 3 above.

In Step 2, You want to make sure to find the right angle.. If the D'slippa® is too "tight" (Fig. 1) it will be harder to turn the page. If it is too "Open" (Fig. 2) it may not keep good track of your page, or you may lose your page when you close the book. Find your Optimal angle (Fig. 3).

Also, depending on your reading practices, you may want to vary how many creases you use. Use 3 creases for setting lesser pages as a reading session goal, or use all 4 for more pages. (Fig. 4) 

In Step 3, You should find the best position for your D'slippa® bookmark. It is recommended to align the top edge of your D'Slippa® bookmark body to the top edge of the book. But if the bookmark feels too tight, you may want to push it upwards a bit. (Fig. 5)  

In all cases, Be sure to press the D'slippa® bookmark against the spine of the book. 

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 IF this is happening: DO this:
Pages are dragging to much on my D'slippa® bookmark. 


Try opening the "U" shape of the D'slippa so that the pages make less contact with it. It should be less "springy". See Figures 1, 2 and 3 above.


When I turn the page the whole bookmark moves and the flap gets stuck.


Make sure the D'slippa® bookmark is well pressed against the spine of the book. 

Also try the opening the "U" shape so it is not as tight against the paper. (See Figures 1,2 and 3 above)


The D'slippa® bookmark doesn't let the page go, I am afraid it may tear it.


STOP. Make sure the D'slippa's upper edge is aligned to the book pages. If it is too far inside it will loose flexibility. See figure 5.

Also Make sure you have the right bend angle on the flap of the D'slippa®. (See figures 1,2 and 3)

If none of these work, please discontinue use, and let us know your or videos will help. (See "Contact Us" section).