My Story

My name is Franco, and I was born in Houston, TX in 2004. I moved to San Antonio in 2015, and I love it here. I was assigned a project in a 5th grade GT (Gifted and Talented) Class to invent and develop a product that would make the world a better place.
I would always lose my page while reading.. So playing with a piece of paper I came up with the idea of an automatic bookmark. I experimented with many different materials and shapes and came up with the perfect design to keep your page. But that's not all, because I always lost my page and got demotivated, I wanted to do something to encourage kids to read more... Which is why I made this bookmark promote reading through goals. This bookmark is goal-oriented because you set your reading goals while reading. When you complete your goal, you enjoy it, so you want to read more and more... This amazing bookmark always keeps your page and promotes reading... What a sweet deal!!!

My presentation was a huge success, all my friends wanted to buy it. So with the help of my parents, I applied for a patent, trademark, etc...Now I owe them a lot of money.  :( 


My parents are helping me run this business and I will make sure they do a great job.

I truly believe this is a great and simple product that can help both adults and kids alike. Since using the D'slippa, my brother and I have read a lot more! 

Hope you enjoy it...



Video from GT project (note that the original name of the D'slippa was the Flip-A-Page)